Thesis Submission

Undergraduate BS Chemistry and Graduate (MS/PhD) Thesis

Deadline for Inclusion in AY2020-2021-2nd Semester Graduation:   July 2, 2021—Friday, 9AM.

  • Make sure you follow the proper format and style required by the UPD College of Science.
  • Consult the CS links below:

  • For other style and format questions, please consult the American Chemical Society (ACS Style Guide); for example, for formatting the references/citation see the link below:

  • Once your research adviser has signed your manuscript, send (using your official UP email address) the complete pdf-formatted file to the Director of the Institute of Chemistry for signature using the link below:


For graduate students, you also need to send a separate pdf file of the signature sheets (i.e. page signed by the Thesis reader and Adviser).

    • For other IChem related inquiries, please contact the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • For other questions, email the OCS or the OADMAPA: