1. I. Admission to the BS Chemistry Undergraduate Program of the Institute of Chemistry

              Incoming first year B.S. Chemistry students (high school graduates from Philippine or international schools) are accepted into the College of Science and Institute of Chemistry by passing the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT).  The UP Office of Admission is directly responsible for the UPCAT


            Telephone Numbers: (+632) 9818500 loc. 3827, 3828, 3831           

            E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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  1. A. Transferees from other universities and Shiftees coming from UPD or other UP units.

IChem accepts students from all UP units (regular freshmen and sophomores) and transferees (incoming sophomores only) coming from other universities.   The Institute (through the Office of the University Registrar) also accepts UP or non-UP BS/BA college graduates who wish to obtain a second degree in Chemistry.

The Office of UP Diliman College of Science Secretary ( manages the processing of the applications for transfer or shifting.  Please do all the necessary applications and follow ups through their office.   Before submitting your application to the OCS, please see the minimum requirements below to be considered to the B.S. Chemistry program.

Not all qualified applicants who meet the requirements are guaranteed acceptance to the program as the Institute can only accommodate a limited number of students per year; thus, the applicants are ranked based on grades (GWA) and their qualifications based on the required courses taken and Science/Math grades. Those who will become regular sophomores are prioritized.

The deadline for application is normally on the 1st week of June and the results are released by the middle of July.  The Institute is NOT accepting any undergraduate transfer applicants during the December-January period (i.e., before the beginning of the 2nd Semester).

Minimum Requirements for Evaluation and Acceptance to the Program:

A. Shiftees within the College of Science or from other UP Diliman Units

·         GWA 2.00 or better for 30 units of formal courses;

·         Finished Chem 16/16.1 (and preferably finished Chem 17/17.1) on the first enrollment with average grade of 2.25 or better; 

·         Preferably with Science and Math courses average of 2.25 or better.

·         Those without Chem 17/17.1 must be enrolled during the Midyear to become regular sophomore standing.

B. Transfers from other UP constituent units (outside Diliman)

·         GWA 2.00 or better for 30 units of formal courses.

·         Finished Chem 16 and 16.1 (or equivalent 5 units of  General College Chemistry I with Laboratory) on the first enrollment with a grade of 2.25 or better.

·         Preferably with Science and Math courses average of 2.25 or better. 

·         Preferably finished with Chem 17 and 17.1 (or the equivalent 5 units General College Chemistry II with Laboratory) OR enrolled in Chem17/17.1 during the Midyear term prior to the regular first semester.

C. Transfers from other Colleges or Universities

·         GWA 1.50 or better for 30 units of formal courses.

·         Finished 5-10 units of college-level General Chemistry (2 lecture courses with laboratory) with a grade of 1.50 or better;

·         Science and Math courses average of 1.50 or better. 

·         If accepted the transferee must pass a validation exam in Chem 17 and 17.1 or must enroll in Chem17/17.1.   


For more information regarding application requirements, please contact the College of Science Office of the College Secretary: 


  1. II. Admission to the Graduate (MS and PhD) Programs of the Institute of Chemistry

The UP Diliman College of Science Office of the Associate Dean for Mentoring, Academic Progress and Advancement (OADMAPA) manages the graduate academic matters.

The OADMAPA processes the graduate studies application and the DOST-ASTHRDP scholarships application.

  • Website:
  • Contact: 62-2-8981-8500 local 3803 / For DOST Scholarship local 3804
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Minimum Requirements for Admission to the MS/PhD in Chemistry Program:

  • Must be a BS Chemistry graduate from a reputable institution.
  • For a non-BS Chemistry graduate and applying for MS or PhD program, the applicant should have at least taken 35 units of Chemistry subjects (General, Inorganic, Analytical, Organic and Biochemistry). If lacking this required number of units, the applicant is suggested to enroll first as a UP Diliman non-degree student and to take the required UP undergraduate Chemistry courses in the mentioned fields before applying to the UPD graduate program.
  • After acceptance to the graduate program, all non-UP System graduates are required to take Graduate Placement Examinations in Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry.  These examinations are held during the first week of August or the week during the 1st-sem/2nd-sem general registration.


Other Requirements for Acceptance to the Chemistry Graduate Programs.

Each graduate program MS(Thesis or Non-Thesis Track), PhD (Option I), PhD (Option 2), PhD (Option 3) has its own unique set of admission requirements.

Currently, IChem is NOT accepting applicants for the Diploma in Chemistry and MS Chemical Education programs.  These programs are currently being revised and are awaiting approval for implementation.

 For more information regarding the admission requirements, please see the link below:

 You may also contact directly the IChem Director or the Graduate Students Adviser:     

  • Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone:   63-2-920-5427;  UP Trunkline: +63-2-8981-8500 loc. 3652