Dr. Florentino C. Sumera

Position: Professor of Chemistry, Material Science and Engineering

Education: Univerity of Rennes, France, 1985. Doct. du 3 ème Cycle ENSCR, 

Université de Rennes1981-1985; M. S. Chemistry, University of the Philippines,

1976-1980; B.S. Chemistry,University of the Philippines, 1969-1974.

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Polymer Nanocomposite with Montmorillonite
Polyester/Polyamide/Polyanhydride/Polyurethane from Lauric Acid and Coconut Fatty Acids
Ichthyocides from Plants for Fishpond Management
Organic Photovoltaic Films
Semiconductor Adhesives



Kemistri ng Carbon: Maikling Kurso sa Paggamit at Pag-unawa ng mga Konsepto ng Kemistri ng Carbon (published October 2007 by the Sentro ng Wikang Filipino) 486 pages, ISBN: 978-971-635-028-9
Use of Derris trifoliata (Leguminosae) Root Extracts for Fishpond Management, Asian Fisheries Science 19 (2006): 75 – 89 by F. Sumera and M. Conato
Ichthyotoxicity and Rotenone Stability of Derris Trifoliata Acetone Formulations, by F. Sumera and M. Conato, Asian Fisheries Science 19:363 – 375, 2006
Pimaric Acid from Manila Elemi derived from Canarium Luzonicum as a Resolving Agent in the Resolution of Racemic Compounds, by S. Arco and F. Sumera, KIMIKA 20 (1/2): 29-26, 2004
Electrolysis of Coconut Fatty Acids in Anhydrous Methanol, by C. Macalisang anf F. Sumera, KIMIKA 19 (1): 7 – 15 (2003)
Characterization of Polypropylene and Ethylene-Propylene Copolymer Blends for Industrial Applications , by E. Bedia, N. Astrini, A. Sudarisman, F. Sumera, and Y. Kashiro, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 78, 1200 -1208 (2000)