Course List

The Current Schedules of Chemistry Classes and Room Assignments are listed in the CRS website .

Description of Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory Classes

General Chemistry 
Chem 1 Chemistry, the Science that Matters (Chemistry for non-science majors; GE course)
Chem 16 General Chemistry I
Chem 17 General Chemistry II

Analytical Chemistry
Chem 26 Analytical Chemistry
Chem 26.1 Analytical ChemistryLaboratory
Chem 28 Quantitative Inorganic Analysis
Chem 28.1 Quantitative Inorganic Analysis Laboratory
Chem 123 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
Chem 220 Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Chem 220.1 Instrumental Methods of Analysis Laboratory
Chem 221 Electroanalytical Chemistry
Chem 222 Optical Methods of Analysis
Chem 223 Theoretical Analytical Chemistry
Chem 224 Aquatic Chemistry
Chem 225 Modular Chemical Instrumentation
Chem 226 Analytical Separation Methods
Chem 227 Radioisotope Techniques
Chem 292 Seminar in Analytical Chemistry
Chem 329 Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry

Chem 40 Elementary Biochemistry
Chem 40.1 Elementary BiochemistryLaboratory
Chem 145 Biochemistry I
Chem 146 Biochemistry II
Chem 240 Advanced Biochemistry
Chem 241 Lipids and Related Systems
Chem 242 Carbohydrates and Related Systems
Chem 243 Nucleic Acids
Chem 244 Proteins
Chem 245 Enzymes
Chem 247 Molecular Biochemistry
Chem 248 Metabolic and Information Pathways
Chem 294 Seminar in Biochemistry
Chem 349 Special Topics in Biochemistry
Chem 349.1 Special Topics in Experimental Biochemistry
Chem 394 ResearchSeminar in Biochemistry

Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 112 Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 211 Systematic Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 212 Reaction Mechanisms of Transition Metal Complexes
Chem 213 Physical Methods of Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 214 Inorganic Synthesis
Chem 215 Coordination Chemistry
Chem 216 Bioinorganic Chemistry
Chem 217 Nuclear Chemistry
Chem 218 Organometallic Chemistry
Chem 219 Solid State Chemistry
Chem 291 Seminar in Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 319 Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 319.1 Special Topics in Experimental Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 391 Research Seminar in Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry
Chem 31 Elementary Organic Chemistry
Chem 31.1 Elementary Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Chem 33 Organic Chemistry I
Chem 34 Organic Chemistry II
Chem 34.1 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
Chem 230 Physical Organic Chemistry I
Chem 231 Polymer Chemistry
Chem 231.1 Polymer Chemistry Laboratory
Chem 234 Physical Organic Chemistry II
Chem 235 Theoretical Organic Chemistry
Chem 236 Organic Synthesis
Chem 236.1 Organic Synthesis Laboratory
Chem 237 Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry
Chem 238 Heterocyclic Chemistry
Chem 239 Natural Products Chemistry
Chem 293 Seminar in Organic Chemistry
Chem 339 Special Topics in Organic Chemistry
Chem 339.1 Special Topics in Experimental Organic Chemistry
Chem 393 Research Seminar in Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry
Chem 150 Introduction to Physical Chemistry
Chem 150.1 Introduction to Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Chem 153 Physical Chemistry I
Chem 154 Physical Chemistry II
Chem 156 Introduction to Quantum Chemistry
Chem 250 Chemical Thermodynamics I
Chem 251 Chemical Thermodynamics II
Chem 252 Graduate Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Chem 255 Quantum Chemistry
Chem 256 Advanced Quantum Chemistry
Chem 257 Chemical Kinetics
Chem 295 Seminar in Physical Chemistry
Chem 359 Special Topics in Physical Chemistry
Chem 359.1 Special Topics in Experimental Physical Chemistry
Chem 395 Research Seminar in Physical Chemistry

Chem 101.1 Integrated Laboratory Chemistry I (Organic /Analytical/Instrumental Chem for Majors)
Chem 101.2 Integrated Laboratory Chemistry II (Organic/Analytical/Instrumental Chem for Majors)
Chem 102.1 Advanced Integrated Laboratory Chemistry I (Biochemistry/Physical/Inorganic Chem for Majors)
Chem 102.2 Advanced Integrated Laboratory Chemistry II (Biochemistry/Physical/Inorganic Chem for Majors)
Chem 196 Undergraduate Seminar
Chem 200 Undergraduate Thesis
Chem 201 Chemistry for Teachers of College Chemistry
Chem 203 Environmental Chemistry
Chem 203.1 Environmental Chemistry Laboratory
Chem 288 Chemistry Teaching Practicum
Chem 289 Special Problems in Chemical Education
Chem 300 M.S. Thesis
Chem 400 Ph.D. Dissertation

Curricula for the Degree Programs
BS in Chemistry: PDF file
MS in Chemistry (Thesis Option)
MS in Chemistry (Non-Thesis Option)
PhD in Chemistry (UP-Diliman)
Dual PhD in Chemistry (UP-Diliman and Univ. of Houston,Texas, USA)